* Hybrid …… what’s that?


We’re entering a new era in photography and video. For high quality results there have been SLRs but now there are Mirrorless cameras that produce great quality and in a much smaller and portable package. And whilst it’s nothing new, there appears to be a surge of enthusiasm for taking natural ambient light photos for professional work as well as the studio flash setups. So you can perhaps see that the potential to get the ultimate quality, often requires a mix or blend of using the best-suited tools and resources for the job in hand.

Here at our studio in Grantham in the UK, we mix the best tools for producing great photo and video results using the latest Nikon DSLRs, Fuji mirrorless camera and the professional’s choice of video camera in a compact form, the Panasonic Lumic GH3.

AND not only that, our studio mixes the conventional studio flash and background setup with some rooms that have fantastic natural light.

So we’ve got it all.

A world that continually changes though needs continual updates on how to get the best from everything. We pride ourselves on doing just that for ourselves and for our friends and peers by providing workshops to suit different styles of photography and digital workflow.

So please, do get in touch.

* Fujifilm X100

Been thinking about this camera for some time now, reading a number of reviews and looking at some of the photos that it produces.  Even if the artistic quality of the photos in some photographer’s hands was a little bit to be desired, it was the zooming in at the full-res versions of the photos that amazed me.  Such clarity and sharpness, combine that with the ease of use (I’m an old fashioned guy that likes dials rather than buttons) and the handling (the X100 is not too small), I just loved it when I first picked it up and did a few trial sample shots.

I needed SLR quality of reproduction, I needed portability and I needed something that was uncomplicated and let me concentrate on the making of a photograph.  This gave me all of that.  But being uncomplicated didn’t mean just point and shoot as I still have as much control as I like of the process.

I read that photographers ….. professional and well-respected photographers… were using this camera on auto ISO settings.  In other words, let the camera decide on the ISO for the shot dependent on the available lighting.  That really is a turn-up for the books, but having tried it I can see why.  If the camera selected 1600 ISO, then it’s not a problem at all, it is just amazing at that setting.  Grain at 1600 ISO …. sorry noise is hardly evident at all.

Looking around now for any opportunity to take some random shots, perhaps with a view to the retro styling of the 60s and 70s, in fact keeping with the looks and styling of the X100 camera itself.

Brilliant camera, I’m looking forward to discovering what it can do.  Well actually more like what I can do as I can really start to concentrate on capturing the essence and mood of any photo opportunity.