Now it’s all Fuji for weddings

Over the years I’ve used various cameras, but fondly remember the Canon 5D Mark 1 as my first digital wedding camera. More years passed and I changed over to Nikon as my main camera system with a Fuji X-E1 over the last couple of years to have as my second camera as it’s a bit smaller and quieter for reception speeches and for mingling with the guests.

But after investing in a bit more Fuji kit, today at Amy and Jon’s wedding I bit the bullet and decided that I will use only Fuji throughout the whole wedding day. The Nikon was in the boot of the car though just in case ….. chicken 😉
And what a revelation it was. With a couple of adapters on my trouser belt I was easily able to carry an X-T1, an X-T10 and a X100T and switch between them as necessary with minimal swapping of lenses from a Domke f2 bag (great easy-access bag by the way). The main swaps happened to be with the 50-140mm f2.8 from the back of the church, and with the 10-24mm f4 in the church office for the signing of the register – yes, it was a bit cramped.
Putting all the cameras into Raw + JPG mode with Classic Chrome (CC) selected on each of them I thought would give me flexibility in post production. And having looked at the files, it appears that the majority of shots I’m going to use are the CC jpegs for the prints and downloads that people order. It really did a great job of automatically sorting out some difficult lighting mixes without me having to mess around with colour balance at the time or in Lightroom on the raw files.
So there you have it, I knew the Fuji kit was good, it had always served me well, but after today my confidence in it’s ability grew significantly.  Then being able to print out “polaroids” on the Instax printer on the fly was just amazing and made for a thoughtful box gift of polaroids at the end of the evening.  Nice one Fuji, you’re now my only choice for weddings.